We are DFI accounting

We are a small firm of Professional Accountants, who strive to deliver high quality accounting, taxation, secretarial and advisory services to our clients. 

Our focus on our clients and their business needs, helping to ensure that their businesses have the required support and to remain compliant.

Practice Areas

We offer a wide variety of services related to business and compliance.

Taxpayers in our care
Corporate clients
Professional staff

DFI Team

Our Directors are both members of SAIPA, designated Professional Accountant (SA) and Tax Practitioners.


Niel Immelman


Niel is the founding partner of DFI Accounting, and has been in practice as a Professional Accountant (SA) since 2012.


Henry Müller


Henry Müller joined Niel as a director of DFI Accounting in March 2017, and is also a registered Professional Accountant (SA).

Dfi Accounting

We are a people focused firm, we believe our staff and clients are the most important elements of our practice – because what we invest in our staff is reflected in the service levels our clients experience.

As the leaders of our firm, the connections we maintain with our clients are of utmost importance to our sustainability, and we place a huge emphasis on making sure we remain attentive to our clients’ needs.

Why Choose Our Firm

We believe that we outshine our competitors because:


Both partners in DFI Accounting are qualified Professional Accountant (SA)'s as well as Registered Tax Practitioners. As such, our services come with a set standard.


We value our clients for who they are, and make it our mission to help them achieve success in their own industry - our client's success is our success!


Because we are small, we are nimble and adaptable to new technologies. We make use of the technologies available to us, in order to achieve efficiency and to save time and money for our clients.

Our values

To not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to override professional and business judgments.
Professional accountants are expected to be straightforward and honest in all their business relationships.
To strive for far more than the ordinary, to be exceptional enough to surpass the norm and to place an emphasis on quality in your every action.

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